It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Kings Christian School website. We are a Mission Christian School using the A.C.E (Accelerated Christian Education) Curriculum. This is an international program that has been in existence since 1970. Over these years, the program has nurtured many graduates who have gained entry into various Universities including some prestigious ones worldwide.

At Kings we are passionate about developing our students’ academic prowess, training them in the ways of our Lord and building their character through the 60 Christ-like character traits training and impartation



  1. Study at their own pace to graduate with the American High School Diploma.
  2. Are not pressured to meet demands of a curriculum within a fixed period. Instead, the curriculum is tailored to fit the student.
  3. Progress according to their ability.
  4. Are placed at their performance level upon diagnostic testing and foundational learning gaps are strengthened.
  5. Build their work rate and move on steadily.
  6. Self learn.
  7. Attain levels beyond their age (as advanced learners).
  8. Study with their goals in mind, be it the mandatory daily goals or their year-end targets, and towards targeted graduation.

Class Supervisors (2 in every class of 20-30 students) are ever ready to attend to your child individually at any point in time to help him/her achieve clarity in his/her studies. As our curriculum is an individualized program, you may enrol your child/children any time of the school year.

May you be blessed as you browse through these pages.