We are glad you appreciate the difference a Christ-centered education makes in the lives of students. The King’s Learning Christian Academy(KLCA) is dedicated to helping develop your student spiritually, academically, physically and socially. We offer a challenging college preparatory curriculum and a broad range of co-curricular activities. At KLCA, you will find caring and nurturing teachers committed to equipping students not just for college but also for a lifetime of learning and serving God.
This handbook applies to all students and parents and is intended to provide guidelines, policies, procedures, responsibilities and rules of conduct. It is important that you read, understand and become familiar with this handbook and strive to comply with the standards that have been established.
Our silence on a particular item does not mean it is permissible. It may mean that well-known biblical principles and common sense determine how it will be handled. Therefore, the administration reserves the right to make judgments based on the information available and the specific situation in question.
The judgments will be based on biblical principles and on the professional judgment of the King’s Learning Christian Academy administration. Sometimes, it can appear to an outside observer that similar situations were handled in different ways. However, no two situations are exactly alike. Each may have varying or extenuating circumstances that are not apparent to everyone, yet require judgment calls on the part of the administration. To the best of our ability, we will try to be equitable to all parties at all times. We appreciate your prayers for God’s wisdom in these circumstances. (James 3:17
This handbook is not intended to imply any contract or contractual rights. The Administration reserves the right to modify this handbook as needed, and implement actions set forth herein.
Notice of Possible Revisions to Handbook Policies and Procedures
As stated in greater detail in the Handbook Policies and Procedures section, no set of rules or guidelines can cover every conceivable situation that might arise. The rules, policies, and procedures set forth in this handbook are intended to apply under normal circumstances. However, from time to time, there may be situations that require immediate or nonstandard responses.
Thank you for your understanding, patience and support as you entrust the Kings Learning Christian Academy with the education of your children.